Before embarking on an adventure with Olivia through Quintana Roo, in search of an epic location, I stopped into B&H to pick up my new Nikon D810.  I caught sight of a Mavic Pro in their drone section, and was immediately captivated (it folds, shoots 4k, 12 mb stills, and sends a live feed directly to the controls on my iphone). 

I obsess over finding the perfect frame and vantage points.  The first time I flew my drone over the locations, and pointed the camera straight down, I was captivated. 

I T    C H A N G E S    E V E R Y T H I N G

Below are a few drone pieces I made in 2017.  More to come.


S O    C A L


J U N G L E    F E V E R

R O C K A W A Y    B E A C H

S A L T    M I N E S .    Q U I N T A N A   R O O ,  M X